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Our mission is to organize mutual aid, resources, and advocacy to make Amazon Mechanical Turk work a good job while also improving conditions for all workers.

Turkopticon was founded by Lilly Irani and Six Silberman as a review website to help Mechanical Turk workers have a space to feel safe from poor requesters, but after ten long years….. WE HAVE NOW TRANSITIONED TO A WORKER-LED NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION!!!!!

The website will undergo updates over the next year, so please bear with us through these changes as we make Turkopticon better.

The organization advocates for Turkers' rights and brings issues to Amazon, whether it be account suspension, general questions, or poor requesters. We don’t always get answers, but Amazon is made aware of any concerns or questions brought to us.Mturk Account Suspensions General Enquiries Mturk Mass Rejections Register for our next Turkers-community open forum

Over the past year, we have held surveys, open forums, and talked to numerous workers one on one to listen and assist Turkers in the wide-open world of turking. And, even after Lilly and Six started this ten years ago, Turkers still have the same issue that worries us most, MASS REJECTIONS! AMT says 1% of workers experience mass rejections¹. Cloud Research estimates 250,810 total workers², equating to ~2500 workers experiencing mass rejections, some of which lead to wage theft. We now are asking Turkers to sign this petition to help us end the harm and make Mturk better for us all.Petition

How Turkopticon works:

Turkopticon works as a userscript which can be added to script managers such as Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey.

Once you have a script manager, you can grab the latest version of the turkopticon userscript here.

Turkopticon in action

Turkopticon adds functionality to Amazon Mechanical Turk as you browse for HITs and review status of work you've done. As you browse HITs, Turkopticon places a button next to each requester and highlights requesters for whom there are reviews from other workers. Bad reviews let you avoid shady employers and good reviews help you find fair ones. You can view reports made against requesters with a quick click.

As you review HITs you've completed, are there HITs you weren't fairly paid for? Turkopticon adds a button that lets you review requesters from your "Status Detail" page.

Other Turking resources:

Notes for requesters:
  • "Low cost, high quality" is a myth; you must pay for quality